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Jinan C-section steel is a kind of steel widely used. It can be used as purlin, wall beam in steel structure buildings, or self combined into lightweight roof truss, bracket and other building components. Compared with aluminum alloy, this steel still has many advantages. Today, let's analyze the use and cutting suggestions of this steel from many aspects.


In various buildings, movable houses are a major beneficiary of this kind of steel. Purlins of movable houses can not only be made of C-shaped steel, but also supports and beams can be made of this material. In addition, it can also be combined into light roof truss, support and other building components to meet different application requirements.



In order to facilitate the processing of this steel, a special steel forming machine has been developed, which can automatically complete the processing of different types of steel according to the size required by customers. Of course, with the development of steel, its application is far more than this. It will appear in all areas of all industries.


No matter what use it is, it will involve the same problem, cutting steel. Because different cutting methods have different cutting effects, it is necessary to make appropriate choices according to customer requirements. Generally speaking, when Jinan C-section steel is used in steel structure, its cutting shall be carried out on shear machine or sawing machine as far as possible, especially thin-walled steel roof truss.


The reason for this suggestion is that the cutting needs to be accurate and the electric saw method is appropriate. It not only has high working efficiency, but also has smooth section, good quality and small cutting error. Of course, it can also be cut with gas. However, in order to improve the quality of gas cutting, a small-diameter nozzle is used, and after cutting, a hammer is used to gently tap to flatten the cutting and meet the requirements of various purposes.


The above content is the application and cutting suggestions of Jinan C-section steel analyzed from many aspects. I hope it can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about all kinds of steel, please pay more attention to the dynamics of our website.

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