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The use of colored steel tiles is becoming more and more popular, and more and more buildings use this material to make roofs. It can be seen that this material is widely accepted by people. At present, the construction of this material not only requires the construction personnel to have the corresponding technology, but also needs to be equipped with equipment for installation support. However, sometimes even if the security is available, we will still find that the color steel tile is inclined. Why is this? The following article will explain it in detail. Let's have a look.


1. Improper tightness of cable wind rope: it is strictly prohibited to use the wind rope to forcibly change the vertical deviation value of color steel tile.


2. Installation error: it is caused by the collision during installation and the geometric dimension deviation of the product itself, as well as the operation error of the measuring personnel during the correction process.



3. Welding deformation: the weld shrinkage deformation after welding has a great impact on the verticality of color steel tile. Due to the thick weld in the project, the cumulative error has a great impact.


4. Temperature difference: temperature change will cause great deformation of the product, especially in summer. Under the sunlight, the expansion of the sunny surface is large, so the steel column tilts back to the sunlight.


Based on the explanation in the article, we can generally understand why the color steel tile is inclined in the construction. Therefore, we must pay attention to avoid improper tightness of cable wind rope, installation error, welding deformation and temperature difference, so as to avoid the inclination of color steel tile, which is helpful to the overall construction of the building.


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